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Aging Today Podcast

A podcast dedicated to having better days!

A Podcast where together we discuss proactive aging in the right place, with a choice, connecting to the professional advice of our special guests, while creating better days throughout the aging process. Sponsored by ComForCare Home Care of West Linn & Portland-South.

About the Host

Mark Turnbull

Aging Today Podcast Host

I started my working career in Christian Ministry, as a Pastor/Church Planter. I soon found myself making a jump to the business world...

Second stop a small company called Starbucks...yep, I chose to not accept the IPO shares... life goes on...I then shifted to a start-up company my brother Paul and I founded, Coconut Palm Resources. Importing Coconut fiber/pith to the US market. What a tremendous experience. It was here I met my great friends Julie and Mike Morris, HomeSeekers Magazine. They hired me to help with connecting and providing sales to the real estate industry in Portland. It became apparent the Coconut venture was coming to an end. With my contacts in the real estate world I was recruited to my next stop...

Third stop I found myself being recruited to the Real Estate industry and in particular to Stewart Title. Mitch Peterson (great friend and mentor) brought me into this world.

Fourth stop, and After a year, Lawyers Title (Land America) came calling and successfully recruited me to Land America Title Company. After the housing bubble burst so went Land America...only to be purchased by Fidelity National Financial.

Fifth stop, honing my sales/marketing skills at Lawyers Title/FNF...

The past 2 years my cousin Catherine Vaughn (Home Instead) has been trying to get me introduced to her new world, taking care of our Seniors as they age in their season of life. She won me over and I took the leap of faith, and cut the corporate umbilical cord...back to a life of entrepreneurship.

Sixth stop, ComForcare Senior Services. My wife Christina and I purchased a ComForcare Franchise. Its the perfect convergence of all my past and present experiences.

We are in the business of CONNECTING our exceptional team of CAREGIVERS to the ART of giving EXTRAORDINARY care to our Senior clients supporting their independence and quality of life in their own homes... which naturally led to connecting people and resources to help them.

And now somehow I'm a podcaster...developing, interviewing, and recording over 300 episodes - talking about the options people have through the aging process to live their best life, connecting the professionals that help you to do so.

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